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Classification of beacon
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1. Maritime beacon. Includes visual beacons, audio beacons, and radio beacons. The visual beacon is most convenient for the driver to visually identify. The beacon has a certain color for identification during the day and flashes at night. Lighthouses, buoys, light poles, and light ships are all such beacons. Acoustic beacons emit sounds according to regulations, which can assist navigation in weather with poor visibility, including fog signals, fog clocks, fog horns and fog whistles. Radio beacon uses radio waves to assist ships in navigation. Its facilities include radio beacons, radio navigation stations, radar beacons, radar response beacons, radar reflectors, and radar beacons.
     2. Inland navigation beacon. For river and river waters. For marking the range and route of the channel, there are river markers, shore markers, guide markers, river markers, head and tail markers, bridge culverts; for obstacles, triangle buoys, buoys, light boats, left and right navigation Buoys, rod buoys, etc .; used to indicate the depth of waterways, overhead and underwater pipelines, forecast the style and direct traffic in narrow waterways, there are water depth signal rods, traffic signal stations, horns, limit markers, cable markers, cross flow buoys, Although wind signal rods are not the same in different countries, they are generally similar. The paint on the right bank of China's inland navigation is red and glows red at night; the paint on the left bank is white and glows white or green at night. Modern beacons have mostly been automated, electrified and electronic, and radio remote control and monitoring have been used instead of manual field operations.
HB-155太阳能航标灯 340 ton new Dalian Port Light Ship put into use Yantai Beacon Office conducts beacon aerial inspections Short name of navigation mark Classification of beacon Remote telemetry navigation light system Ultra-high polymer buoys-never fade without maintenance Ultra high molecular weight buoy-20 years of seawater corrosion resistance Ultra-high polymer buoy-no pollution, no maintenance, permanent use GZ-BH15 Aviation Obstruction Light PLZ-3JL Aviation Obstruction Light TGZ-BH12 Aviation Obstruction Light TGZ-BH15 Solar Integrated Aviation Obstruction Light GZ-BH12 Aviation Obstruction Light Bridge Post Light Bridge and culvert lights Steel buoy 1m diameter FRP lamp post FRP lamp post 1.5m diameter HB-BH15 navigation light THB-155 Intelligent Solar Integrated Navigation Light THB-2BH12 Solar Buoy Special Navigation Light THB-BH12 Solar Navigation Light THB-BH15 Solar Navigation Light BH-180 Intelligent Solar Integrated Navigation Light Light post performance Buoy performance Navigation Sign Performance Navigation light performance Remote telemetry performance 企业文化 无线电航标 无线导航系统 全球定位系统 差分全球定位系统 烟台航标处开展航标空中巡查 我国南海华阳赤瓜灯塔建成发光填补民用导航空白 2015年全国海事系统航海保障工作会议在沪召开 福州航标处宁德航标管理站辖区灯桩有了“身份证” 2016版中国沿海港口航道图目录全新出版2016年1月28日 东海航海保障中心研发的NAVDAT新年试运行 架起海上信息传递“高速公路” 340吨新建大连港灯船投入使用 2015年全国海事系统航海保障工作会议在沪召开 北方区域AIS4.0系统升级顺利完成 我国将在津建北斗卫星导航系统国际海事监测中心 抗日战争时期沿海的航标-中国近代航标 海关主管航标的由来-中国近代航标 古代的“人工航标”-中国古代航标 中国古代航标历史 航标的分类

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