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Yantai Beacon Office conducts beacon aerial inspections
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In order to further strengthen the beacon management during the "Spring Festival" period, according to the "Beacon Aerial Inspection Cooperation Agreement" signed by Yantai Beacon Office of Beihai Navigation Support Center and Beihai First Rescue Flight Team, on February 3, Yantai Beacon Office joined the First Rescue Flight of Beihai The team conducted an aerial inspection of the sea navigation aid signs in the waters of the central and western regions of the area under its jurisdiction.

At 9 am, the staff of the Yantai Navigation Bureau took a professional rescue helicopter to take off from the Penglaisha Estuary Airport and inspected the navigation aid signs and sea ice conditions in the nearby waters such as the Pengchang route, the central and western Changshan waterway, Longkou port and Laizhou port. The total flight time in the air is 2 hours, with a mileage of more than 130 nautical miles, and a total of nearly 200 navigation aids of various types. From the inspection situation, most of the navigation aids in the waters of the flight path are well-structured and brightly colored, and are regularly distributed in the waterway, both sides of the waterway and the waters of the dock; some light buoys have missing top marks and damaged standards; Laizhou Port The ice conditions in Huadian Port waters are light and have no impact on the maritime light buoys; the water conditions in Zhuwang Port, Laizhou are relatively heavy, and some professional light buoys have deviated from the navigation channel. For disposal.

The aerial beacon inspection has greatly improved the efficiency and quality of the aerial beacon inspection work under severe winter weather conditions and during the "Spring Festival Transport" period, and has achieved good results in strengthening the coordination and cooperation of the affiliated tobacco units and jointly improving the level of aviation insurance work.
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