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     Yangzhou Bohang Navigation Technology Co., Ltd. is located in Gaoyou City, Yangzhou, Jiangsu Province. Yangzhou Bohang is the first company in Yangzhou that specializes in the research, development, production and sales of navigation aids such as lampposts, buoys, navigation aids, navigation lights, and aviation obstruction lights. The products are mainly used for navigation assistance on inland rivers, the Yangtze River, and marine vessels, as well as landmark navigation assistance for urban high-rise buildings, chimneys, bridges, radio and telecommunications towers, and facilities around airports.


     The company's product series include :, buoy light pile series, navigation light series, aviation obstruction light series, bridge and culvert light series, control box series, wireless remote control series, navigation sign series, lightning rod series, etc. And the products have passed the appraisal by the Ministry of Communications and the National Waterway Experts and the Nanjing National Metrology and Testing Center to achieve international standards, and have passed the ISO9000: 2000 international quality management system certification and civil aviation license certification. At present, various technical indicators of the products are in the forefront of the domestic industry.


     The company has always adhered to the tenet of "quality first, customer first, quality service, and abiding by the contract", relying on high-quality products, good reputation and excellent service.


     The company has first-class technical development and management personnel, and has perfect product after-sales service. The products sell well in more than 30 provinces, municipalities, autonomous regions and exported to Southeast Asia, Africa, America and other countries. Well received by customers at home and abroad, we are always waiting for colleagues and friends from all walks of life to come to discuss technology and business, wholeheartedly cooperate with domestic and foreign merchants for win-win cooperation, common development and create brilliant!

过河标 鸣笛标 玻璃钢灯桩管线标 管线标 界限标 出口玻璃钢灯桩 HB-155太阳能一体化航标灯带GPS定位 白马湖1.2米钢质浮标 我司参与尼日利亚莱基深水港项目,于4月7日出口玻璃钢灯塔两座 桥涵灯桥柱灯业绩 出口浮标 监测浮标 锥形浮标 1.2米玻璃钢浮标 0.6米玻璃钢浮标 直径0.8米钢质浮标 直径1.8米钢质浮标 直径1.5米钢质浮标 直径2.4米钢质浮标 直径1.2米钢质浮标 直径1米高11.5米钢质灯桩 直径1.5米高12.5米玻璃钢灯桩 高11.5米玻璃钢小塔 15米铝合金灯桩 10米铝合金灯桩 10米钢质灯桩 10米玻璃钢管线标 7米玻璃钢灯桩 5.5米玻璃钢灯塔 6米非标定制钢管灯桩 非标定制钢管灯桩 直径1米高8.5米玻璃钢灯桩 直径1米高8.5米铝合金灯塔 直径2米高15米定制铝合金灯桩、铝合金灯塔 HB-90型太阳能航标灯 HB-122型太阳能航标灯 新型THB-180太阳能航标灯 新型THB-155太阳能航标灯 THB-155太阳能航标灯 THB-122太阳能航标灯 HB-155太阳能航标灯 340 ton new Dalian Port Light Ship put into use Yantai Beacon Office conducts beacon aerial inspections Short name of navigation mark Classification of beacon Remote telemetry navigation light system Ultra-high polymer buoys-never fade without maintenance Ultra high molecular weight buoy-20 years of seawater corrosion resistance Ultra-high polymer buoy-no pollution, no maintenance, permanent use GZ-BH15 Aviation Obstruction Light

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